Gail Ferris kayak explorer of Greenland & Arctic - abstract artist



Gail Ferris paddling Upernavik Greenland 1993


Updated 2/14/2014


Youtube video upload list travels in north east Greenland views of amazing rocks shows kayaks at the club in Ilulissat, a summer traditional tent and other exhibitions of the Knud Rasmussen Museum my first Klepper travel with Jon Cons along the north shore of Newfoundland paddling in following seas a free ride to Kangersuatsiaq in a Long Haul Mark I a very intricate explanation from the cockpit of what the wind was doing about kayaking and catching salmon in Siberia all sorts of salmon a new paddle made by Neils in the 1990’s in Upernavik about traveling in the area in 2008 some amusing photos paddling into Amarqua passage 2009


Umiaqs from eastern and western Arctic Interesting photos collected



Greenland kayak paddles can be found with dimensions and illustrations in; detailed drawings of paddles in Kullorsuaq an interesting purposefully bent shaft kayak paddle in Upernavik


kayak illustrations can be found in; watching Lars demonstrating hunting from his kayak he has an artificial hip detailed drawings of 1963 Kullorsuaq kayak frame


Kullorsuaq in 1995 watching massive ice being moved by the wind views of every day life views from the ferry ride spectacular geology of a bird colony area wind sculpturing of snow in photos vibrant photos of storms coming in an exploration of different types of seasonal light   violent storms Kullorsuaq Views of Minerals and Geology 1995 Kullorsuaq Moonlight Views 1995 Kullorsuaq Dark Time Light Views 1995 Kullorsuaq under very low light in 1995 Interesting colors to discern


2011 paddling in Upernavik with lots of interesting photos with unique some moments on a little island


About Kullorsuaq Greenland weather, colors and kayak design in Kullorsuaq Greenland Gail Ferris 1995-6

travel in Upernavik 2011 observations and experience;



Kayak websites added in April of 2011 finding ammassat fishing sites moments when the weather is stalking you there they are some codfish are following me very amusing paddling disastrous experimentation 2008  moments when GPS navigation works if you believe it! when a wave from a large iceberg surfs a small berg after you in the shallows walking on sea ice tricky deal! those decision moments what will the ice do? little moments when the water is not flat anymore

Geology views of brilliant rocks from my cockpit in Upernavik area views of bright minerals on the edge or the water in Upernavik


paddling technique  where to paddle without risking ice entrapment paddling in mountainous topography Upernavik & Arctic Bay


paddling equipment images of how I launch and how Lars Jensen a Greenlander launches   about a sunscreen I use when on the water all day  how anyone can safely launch their kayak with prosthetic hips and with the traditional Greenlander Lars Jensen launching in Kullorsuaq Greenland about rowing on icy water reason for a drysuit  how to launch from a wheelchair modifications to the Alden Ocean Shell Single and Oar Master rig for limited hip rotation winter photos of icebergs and mountains


Upernavik travels 1992 to 2009 My kayak is made for long distance paddling as I felt the ominous power of fog shrouding an iceberg on the tip of Lange Ø I find that there is no ice free area along the island to paddle then I had my kayak on the water heading east down Amarqua passage to look for more archeological sites but I found that paddling in refractory conditions makes a landmark appear to be near then on return at about 11 pm I happened to see the moon and returning just at the end of Sandersons and heading across to Lange Ø an iceberg rolled over. kayak wanderings to the icefjord glacier and on to Innarsuit the last time I got to paddle in this area of the Upernavik icefjord because it became too icy in later years Some ride down the wind, kayaking from Upernavik to Kangersuatsiaq/Prøven, Laksefjord and a risky paddle through the ice to Aappilattoq  1995 Upernavik Greenland kayak travel and notes - solo kayak expedition weather experiences and cloud patterns  first tour to Orpit in Laksefjord glacial refugium very involved explanation of weather experiences via kayak


About kayak travel touring and preparation How to Explore in the Arctic by Kayak detailed paddling info. How to Commute by Kayak year round at night and in the ice


kayak travel in Barrow and Kodiak Alaska paddling at Barrow and the umiaq and retrieval kayak Kayak, botany and fishing adventure in Kodiak Alaska - the Aleut Baidarka


Kayak paddling travel in Baffin Island, Arctic Bay and Pond Inlet paddling in mountainous topography Upernavik & Arctic Bay winter photos of icebergs and mountains my first kayak adventure in the Arctic, Pond Inlet Canada 1989



Rowing methods forward facing rowing rowing facing forward with the EZ-Row – Gail Ferris disabled rower with limited mobility rowers and night rowing without turning your head


Ice gyre off Upernavik 2009

Low clouds covering Sanderson’s